Holiday items are here!

I’m happy to report I’m once again offering shipping! Each week I’ll make 1 trip to the post office to drop off orders to be shipped. Now at checkout, you’ll see the option for shipping has returned. However, you can still pick up at a McDougall, ON location with minimal chance of encountering others for free if you prefer that method! Contact me for details.

All Northern Waters Cleansing Co. Inc. products are made in a frequently sanitized facility. During this time, we are increasing safety precautions by continuing to ensure the individual making products is wearing a full respirator, face protection, hair net, gloves, and are fully clothed including close-toed shoes as they always do. In addition, surfaces/tools/equipment/ingredient packages/etc. are all being wiped down frequently with food-grade sanitizers. The order pickup container is sanitized between each pickup as well.

Your safety and satisfaction is always my highest concern and I greatly appreciate all of the positive support I’ve received in recent days. Stay well. Enjoy time with your family. And wash your hands with soap! 😉

With love,


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